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We are a start-up that blends our love for surfing, woodworking and design, and our goal to utilize environmentally friendly materials, processes and packaging where ever possible. Preserve what you love.
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Left the corporate world for a better work life balance and to design+build great products.

After working in the corporate world for over 13 years, Matt sought to find a better work life balance. Matt learned a lot in his experience in professional services such as getting things done, collaborating, time management, and delivering quality services to his clients while also helping to develop and mentor the broader team. But he got to a point where he wanted a different experience. One that would allow him to combine his love for woodworking, design, and surfing. The result was the founding of Mankind Surf, Inc. in 2017 when Matt Roberts teamed up with woodworker and designer extraordinaire, Zach Guzman, with the goal of designing beautiful products for the surfing community. 

The first product Mankind Surf designed and built was the "laid back", a beautiful hand made horizontal single board wall rack. We experimented with a variety of materials which included a mix of different exotic woods as well as reclaimed wood materials. We also looked at different ways we could make the racks more environmentally friendly where ever possible. This included integrating reclaimed materials, employing environmentally friendly wood finishing processes, as well as integrating post consumer components, such as rubber padding made from 30% recycled car tires. We also sought to find ways to make our product packaging sustainable; incorporating compost-able cellophane bags for the accompanying hardware and biodegradable label and adhesive materials. We also utilize our own wood plane shavings as packing materials for shipping.  

​In addition to the "laid back"​, our current single board horizontal wall racks, we have received tremendous feedback that there is a strong need in the market for vertical hanging and other specialty hanging solutions.  We are currently working directly with others in the industry to develop prototypes to meet your needs. More to come.  

While we are focused on the surfboard wall racks, we are also currently developing and prototyping additional products including: roof rack pads made from 100% recycled materials (in design and development); surf board travel bags made from recycled materials (in design and development). 

We are having so much fun with the design process and can't wait until they launch. More to come.  Feel free to subscribe to updates and you will be the first to know about new product launches!  Thanks for reading and check us out on Instagram and follow if you are so inclined: @mankindsurf  

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